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The Dustless Blasting That Simplifies Your Life in Fredericksburg, VA

Abrasive blasting does more than strip objects bare. It also does a marvelous job of cleaning furniture, concrete, and graffiti, saving you hours of scrubbing and cleaning. Let Green Clean Dustless Blasting save you time and frustration by letting us blast your problems away. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor sandblasting.

Outdoor Sandblasting, Table Before and After, Fredericksburg, VA


On your own, fixing your furniture can be a long process. Let us speed the process up for you. We can strip the rust off your metal furniture or the paint and debris from your wood furniture, leaving it in its original form. From there you can stain or paint your furniture for a whole new look.

Parking Garages/Concrete/Pool Tile Cleaning

You may be a business owner needing to re-stripe your parking lot or a homeowner who wants to give their home a facelift. We can help. Sandblasting is good for a multitude of uses and has many benefits. Along with removing things like parking stripes, grease, and oils, it can clean the pool tile around the edge of a pool, remove calcium deposits from birdbaths, statues, and waterfalls, and your house. If your steps or brickwork are looking a bit dingy, we can restore them. Don't worry. While sandblasting brick will normally break the brick, our dustless blasting will not.


Even the best homes and businesses can find graffiti on their property. When this happens to you, don't worry. Our graffiti removal services mean we can take paint off bricks, concrete, monuments, and the sides of buildings. We're careful enough to work on historical buildings. You won't need to worry about cordoning the area off as our dustless blasting won't hurt any nearby vehicles.

Outdoor Sandblasting, Brick Steps Before and After, Fredericksburg, VA Outdoor Sandblasting, House Before and After, Fredericksburg, VA