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Restoring Surfaces with Dustless Blasting in Fredericksburg, VA

Is your boat, outdoor furniture, or vehicle riddled with unsightly discolorations or rust? Trying to restore these surfaces by hand would take an exorbitant amount of time and elbow grease. Instead of exhausting yourself attempting to scrub home features and items like these, save yourself the time and frustration with dustless blasting in Fredericksburg, VA. 

Traditional sandblasting not only removes sand from its natural locations, but it can also be messy, impacting more than just the objects you wish to clean. The dustless blasting process, however, is a much safer alternative as it uses a combination of water and fine abrasives made from recycled glass to restore the look of your chosen surface. When you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting, you can count on Green Clean Dustless Blasting LLC for safe, effective restoration.


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Performing Affordable, Thorough Cleanings

Dustless blasting is a safe alternative that allows us to work on a variety of different surfaces without blowing dust or using harmful chemicals. We strictly use recycled glass as our blasting media because it implodes and evaporates when it hits an object versus penetrating the object and causing unnecessary damage. We’re capable of working on several different materials including:

• Brick • Concrete • Metal • Plastic

In addition, cleaning a standard-sized home could take as much as 130 gallons of water, but with our cost-effective alternative, we typically use only about 30 gallons per cleaning. Take advantage of our dustless blasting process and enjoy a better quality of clean than you could achieve by traditional means.

Restore Your Belongings without Damaging Them

By choosing to use a powerful stream of fine abrasives and water, we’re capable of stripping your objects or structural features of unsightly rust without compromising their integrity. When our experts introduce water to our blasting medium, it increases its mass, and in turn, the amount of energy our equipment is capable of putting out. Our dustless blasting media turns into sand upon impact, which won’t hurt your item or structure.

From automobiles and boats to brick patios and house siding, we’re capable of restoring a wide variety of surfaces. In fact, our team is so careful with our work that we’re able to work on historical buildings. Though discolorations and rust get removed, you can rest assured that that is where the impact stops. If we’re performing our dustless blasting services to an object on your lawn, you can be sure that any grass that gets matted down during our work will return to form flawlessly in only a few days’ time.

No matter what we’re restoring, you can rest assured that our team will give you a perfectly clean surface with which to start over. So, whether you’re hoping to improve the look of your boat or vehicle’s finish, or you’re looking to give the outside of your building a comprehensive cleaning, we’ve got a dustless blasting solution fit for you.

Whether you’re interested in commercial restorations or restoration for leisure, we’re prepared to delivered quality service at an affordable price. Take advantage of this environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sandblasting and see how quickly we can have your item or structure renewed and ready to show off. Call our specialists to discuss your restoration needs, and we’ll gladly provide you with a free estimate today.

Contact our specialists to restore the look of your discolored or rusted belongings safely. We proudly serve customers in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

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