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Welcome to Green Clean Dustless Blasting, LLC in Fredericksburg, VA

Green Clean Dustless Blasting offers sandblasting services in Fredericksburg, VA. We use water in the sandblasting process which makes it a safer alternative. Contact us today!


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Affordable & Thorough Dustless Blasting

Traditional sandblasting is messy and can negatively impact not only the environment but nearby vehicles as well, which is why Green Clean Dustless Blasting in Fredericksburg, Virginia doesn't use it. Dustless blasting is a safer alternative that allows us to work on a variety of different surfaces without blowing dust, or using harmful chemicals. Our process even requires less water. Typical pressure washing might take 130 gallons of water, but we typically need only 30 gallons with ours.

We use recycled glass, so it hits the object and implodes versus penetrates and almost evaporates. This means we can work on everything from brick, wood, and concrete to plastic and metal.

You can't get it sanded by hand or sandblasted in the amount of time we can. After all, the nearest sandblaster is an hour away, and we can cover one cubic foot per minute with our dustless blasting. So, save time and call us. 

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